Monday, December 13, 2010

"It's ridiculous how complicated this is"

"It's ridiculous how complicated this is" - Costello by Jim Gavin


Anonymous said...

What on earth did they make here?

donnie said...

....and all she wanted was a cup of tea :))

the dear Zé said...

yes in did

paulboo said...

Complex and strong but nature is reclaiming it I see :)

Martina said...

tholf, it's the Völklinger ironworks again. I don't post that many photos of the ironworks because I had to sign some paper not to show any of the photos I took. Really. A blog is _not_ private usage.

donnie, ah, a witch's tea-making facility!

dear Zé, nothing to hunt there.

Paul, yes, it's fascinating in what places vegetation claims it's rights. (okay, I can see this in my front- and backyard, too)

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