Saturday, December 11, 2010

"What luck to know a good and honest man"

"What luck to know a good and honest man" - Costello by Jim Gavin


Anonymous said...

a classic character. . . looks as if he is from another time.

alis said...

I so much agrre with half life.
very nice capture.authentic.

kobico said...

Something about the way he looks reminds me of Albert Einstein.

paulboo said...

Yes, I think you have to be very lucky to know one!!
Beautiful picture Martina.

Martina said...

thlofl, he gave himself a very rustic touch, indeed. Part of the business I guess.

alis, thank you.

kobico, ya, it's so easy for men: just grow some wild white locks and a mustache and you look like a genius, ;-)

Paul, thanks. In fact he is an "oarsman to rent" on the Ardeche :-). And I am quite sure he realised I was taking his picture.

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