Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"And I am not in the mood to be tender and conciliatory just now"

"And I am not in the mood to be tender and conciliatory just now" - The Confusion by Neal Stephenson


Joan Elizabeth said...

The funny thing is this little tap makes me think "tender"

AB said...

The dark black in centre of the spout really catches the attention.

Carl said...

I like this recent series of industrial (or used to be...) subjects.

And @ Joan, I'm afraid the little spigot looks to me a lot like a weapon.

Martina said...

Carl, thank you very much!

I am with both, Joan Elizabeth and AB, - to me it looked like a little funny delicate animal and I was fascinated how the black "eye" came out in the photo.

Weapon - hm, weapon - I haven't thought of this, yes, could be a gunbarrel. Seems like my brain thinks more in metaphors of nice cute little things than weapons, ;-).

Paula said...

I went into my Feedjit gadget and was visiting random blogs in my part of the world last night and ran across a photo of an uncircumcised "person". I'm still trying to get that image out of my head and this isn't helping. Sorry.
No more blog surfing for me.

Martina said...

Paula, ojee. :-D

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