Thursday, November 26, 2009

"You could not extract the Philosophic Mercury from gold"

"You could not extract the Philosophic Mercury from gold" - The Confusion by Neal Stephenson


sebastian said...

nature strikes back :) .... cool picture! keep on watching ;)

AB said...

Interesging combination of patterns and textures.

Walter Neiger said...

but nature spreads itself again and that is more than gold!

Anonymous said...


Very good textures, and the photos are very good.

Good site!

Joan Elizabeth said...

This one reminds me of the moss that gathers on the stands of leaking tanks .... mmmm I wonder what is leaking out of that tank.

Martina said...

sebastian, thx for coming by :-)

Serge, thank you very much!

Joan Elizabeth, I really do not know what is leaking and I am not so sure I really want to know ;-).

Julie said...

I have missed quite a few now, but really like this one. It is oozy but lovely in a yucky sort of way.

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