Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"That was as far ahead as he liked to think"

"That was as far ahead as he liked to think" - Gravel by Alice Munro


the dear Zé said...

interesting strange picture

(your pet is in the air now.


James Weekes said...

What a lovely, eerie picture.

-me said...

M - I adore this photo.

Martina said...

dear Zé, yes, it's is strange.

James, I thought about your sentence "Part of the fun of taking pictures is showing people things the way you see them, usually from a different way of seeing" at sand pattern Thank you.

-me, thanks. Yes, me too. It's nice in its original size - would make a nice print.

The explanation is, since nobody asked, :-): this is a newly planted vineyard, you see the small vine saplings that are covered in thick green wax.

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