Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"She would live now, not read"

"She would live now, not read" - Gravel by Alice Munro


James Weekes said...


I am new to your blog. I found it after you visited my blog from Carl Weese's blog. A lot of blogs, sorry. As I posted in answer to your comment on my photo of the crime scene, I love the discipline that having to quote from the book you are currently reading imposes on both your reading and your photos. You have been bookmarked.

Jim Weekes

Anonymous said...

Martina, do I misinterpret some personal context in this quote :)) ?

Martina said...

Jim, thanks again ... yes, a lot of blogs out there, and many really good ones, too - I have developed quite an elaborate system in the last years in to get them organised my feedreader, ;-).

Markus, lol - life without reading is impossible ;-) - I found this sentence very very very dubious.

ana barata said...

"Espere sentado ou você se cansa" = something like to wait you must seat or you gone be tired. Is from a song and your imag reminded be the words.

the dear Zé said...

I sit and I wait

Martina said...

ana barata, Chico Buarque? I googled and tried to make sense of all the Portuguese websites ... I found this which I like very much (as far as my translation skills go):

Eu semeio vento na minha cidade
Vou pra rua e bebo a tempestade

dear Zé, could be tough, this chair is waiting for the rubbish collection :-)

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