Saturday, May 14, 2011

"It was a feeling, hard to shape into words"

"It was a feeling, hard to shape into words" - He Knew by Donald Antrim


donnie said...

... the uncertain topography of the human mind :)

Anonymous said...

Your ability to see amazes.

daily athens

Mary Ann said...

I should do some dirt shots from Beirut. The texture is different, and the color is deep orangy-red.

Martina said...

donnie - yes, breaks and bends and stuff. (btw we had exactly 8mm rain in May so far and 10.4mm in April - definitely not The Hebrides around here ...)

ρομπερτ, thank you so much :-)!

Mary Ann - orangy-red is certainly better that the colour here. There is almost no difference between the b/w and the colour photo.

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