Friday, November 19, 2010

"Why are you out here? What did that door ever do to you?"

"Why are you out here? What did that door ever do to you?" - Bible Camp Bloodbath by Joey Comeau


donnie said...

just a little canvas waiting patiently for the artist :))

Álvaro said...

There´s something magic in the doors. Great shot.
Greetings from Spain.

kobico said...

Poor door, it's a sitting duck.

I like the book title. Makes me want to read it.

Joan Elizabeth said...

What great lines and textures in this photo ... in the door and the walls.

Martina said...

donnie, I am wondering: the Hebrides are graffiti-less?

Álvaro, gracias. Yes, one never knows what's behind ... that's the magic of doors.

kobico, the door as a sitting duck - interesting metaphor - at least for someone who had to google the idiom ;-)

The novel is by the one who does "A softer world" blog (see blogroll) - unfortunately it's not available in Germany but it's online, so I am sticking to the online version at the moment. I always read until I find a quote and then stop. So I don't know what it's all about right know, but I like the style.

Joan Elizabeth, this is one where in retrospect I wonder if colour would have been the better choice ...

Martina said...

kobico, almost finished I can say I am definitely reading something outside my comfort zone :-S

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