Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Sorry, my bookie gave me great odds"

"Sorry, my bookie gave me great odds" - Pearls Before Swine Calendar 2010 by Stephan Pastis


the dear Zé said...

I love Pearls, I have all the books, but, that photo...??!!

the dear Zé said...

Ok, except that one

Martina said...

Zé o Caçador, yes, I have all the books, too, and all calendars since 2008 and I had a wonderful "Don't taunt Pepito" mug until some weeks ago when I unfortunately broke it :-(.

Ah, this photo ... the first time since I blog that I totally forgot to post something. On my way to bed I suddenly remembered: uuuuh, I have to post .... that's the result. ;-)

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