Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"But life will be books for you, from here on"

"But life will be books for you, from here on" - To the Measures Fall by Richard Powers


Anonymous said...

M - I love these photos of old France that you've taken.

The next time you visit THLoL, take a look at Perpetual Folly in the blog roll if you have a chance. The writer of that blog reviews stories in the New Yorker - including this one by Richard Powers.

ana barata said...

For me is is a little be true: I'm a librarian!
Good shot!

Unknown said...

Bookstores are one of my favorite places to linger. And in this one I can read AND write!

Martina said...

thlol, thanks for the tip - I read some literary blogs (don't follow them, don't comment and don't blogroll them since this is a photo blog ;-)), I already had a glance.
Regarding this kind of photos: to me it is often a little bit too conservative, to postcardy - I am still looking for my "style" ... eh.

ana barata, ah, do you know this one (huge!) ?

kobico, what is always so amazing to me is that these shops exist in France, even in small towns. Nothing like this in Germany, :-(.

Martina said...

-me, I read Perpetual Folly's review of Richard Powers' short story and I am definitely going to read some more reviews. I can make a short rewiew: boring uninspirated piece of literature. I am not going to buy any Richard Powers in the near future. What was this all about? He? ;-)

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