Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"You think dark is just one color, but it ain't"

"You think dark is just one color, but it ain't" - The Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison


Joan Elizabeth said...

Ooo it is dark after those pale snails. In New Guinea they have those huge snails. When you fly back into Australia they make sure there is no dirt on your shoes because we don't want them here chomping up everything.

400kms is a bit far for a quick swim. I now understand the wanderlust.

Martina said...

Joan Elizabeth, this is one of the occasions where some sentences catch my eye and I try to accompany the sentences with photos.

With 5°C and rain it is more than wanderlust right now - emigration perhaps? (Remember: it is spring at this place!)

David said...

There are a thousand different kinds of light, but there is only one darkness. --Ursula LeGuin

Martina said...

David, it would be nice to compare the context of the two quotes. Toni Morrison's is about two frightened kids being in the dark alone after their father was shot dead in front of their eyes.

ana barata said...

The image is stong and the words more.

Martina said...

ana barata, thank you. I agree with Morrison's words and sentences to be strong.

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