Saturday, May 29, 2010

"He shook the man's hand. Moist was the word"

"He shook the man's hand. Moist was the word" - Apex Hides the Hurt by Colson Whitehead


Joan Elizabeth said...

What an amazing variety of photographs and quotes you find.

I also love that fact that I've found a way to visit you regularly again ... was missing the daily fun.

AB said...

This is one of those photos that make you tell yourself a story. What had the person being working on while wearing these gloves. Why did they throw them on the ground like this?

Mary Ann said...

Are these gloves the disposable kind, or the sort that someone probably left behind accidentally?

Martina said...

Joan Elizabeth, thank you so much for this comment. You know how it is sometimes .... one is asking oneself: what I am doing here? I should stop and give up. ;-)

AB, I fear the story might be profane - some Spargelstecher's (any idea how to translate this?) gloves fell from a tractor. Someone with more talent than me could make a story out of this, I am sure.

Mary Ann, no, they are not of the disposable kind and when I think about the "Spargelstecher"s wages I fear the one who lost them might have got in trouble. But perhaps that is only my imagination induced by AB's "making a story" ;-)

Okay, the explanation is: when it is asparagus season the harvest is done mostly (even solely perhaps) by people from Eastern Europe. They come here for some two months and prick/prod asparagus - at least that is what the method of harvesting asparagus is called in German. Some of the tools were shown here.

e said...

very interesting story behind this photo. as always, the perfect quote to go with it. ;)

Martina said...

ER, thank you - I often think I should really write stories with my photos ... but ... this would be a project for the time when I am retired (some decades) .... ;-). I would like to know about the life of these people, yes. Must be hard to be separated from family, friends, language ... and it is hard work, too.

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