Friday, May 28, 2010

"He knew how things worked again"

"He knew how things worked again" - Apex Hides the Hurt by Colson Whitehead


Anonymous said...

Martina - what a great, eerie photograph. Does that machine say 'defekt' on it? Where did you find such a thing?

Unknown said...

Well, I'm glad he knows how things work, because I'm clueless! Go figure, I worked for an RFIC company, too.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I really like this image ... says something to me about the old punched card computer days where my love affair with technology began.

Now I'm besotted with my iPhone and my husband's new iPad. Where will it go next I wonder.

Martina said...

I did some little research, this microwave generator was registered (therefore manufacturing started) in 1967-11-01 (so kobico, you are much too young ;-)). thlofl, yes, it says "Defekt 2.1.95". I found it in our department's basement, hidden behind some other stuff, so I guess one of my colleagues rescued it from being thrown away. Conditions were bad and I used a cell phone, so the photo could have been much better with appropriate lighting etc.

Joan Elizabeth, there is a long way from this one to an iPad ;-). And you know, I really like the Bakelite knobs, metal turn-switches and even the font that is used for the labels. Specification says its weight is 18kg (without the modulator, which was optional).

Enough ... ;-).

Ratzfatz said...

oohhh... you got a generator for your m-oven! That is realy cool

Martina said...

Ratzfatz, yeah .. unfortunately it is out of work for fifteen years now ;-) no microwaved food for me, therefore, haha.

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