Friday, March 5, 2010

"Still and all, there's no two men the same"

"Still and all, there's no two men the same" - Foster by Claire Keegan


JMV said...

I like this one...strong

Markus Spring said...

All my thumbs up (and sometimes I feel I have 10). Georgeous interpretation of the concept of "men"! Especially that single ball keeps me chuckling...

Joan Elizabeth said...

*grin *

Caçador said...

(Great shot)

...and no two women, no two spiders, no two elephants, no two sunshine, no two blogs, no two eyes, no two smiles, no two finger (tips), no two breath, no two... kisses

Martina said...

JMV, thank you!

Markus, I really had deep philosophical thoughts in my mind ... now I have to grin like Joan Elizabeth everytime I have a look at this photo 8-)

Cacador, not to forget the river that is not two times the same (my very free rendition of Heraklit, ;-)). Elephants?

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