Monday, March 8, 2010

"Many's the man lost much just because he missed a perfect opportunity to say nothing"

"Many's the man lost much just because he missed a perfect opportunity to say nothing" - Foster by Claire Keegan


Serge Cornillet said...

Véridique!!! So difficult to do, but sometimes the best way to act.

squirrel said...

That is a typical WV woodland sight yet you have turned into art. Well done!

Tash said...

Ha! I had to re-read the quote a couple of times to get the meaning. Really good!

Joan Elizabeth said...

The quote is interesting, and the marriage of image intriguing. I was wondering to myself what would I put to such as quote ... and drew a blank. Which of course just makes me even more in awe with your blog.

ruimnm said...

Again the trash!
It seems not only here in Portugal.
I like the contrast between light and shadow.

Martina said...

Serge, I think that applies to women, too, ;-)

Tash, I am struggling with this sentence and hoped one of the native speakers might clarify the structure "many is the man"? "many has the man lost?" ... puh.

squirrel, ruimnm: they cut bushes along the road, perhaps for the first time in ten years and it was depressing to see all this junk. Okay, I am just complaining and didn't do much besides taking photos - but it was really to much to take and deliver it to the next dustbin.

Joan Elizabeth, :-). I just tried to imagine what kind of guy throws bottles in bushes: the drunken babbling ones - for whatever reason I do not think women do this (i.e. throwing trash in bushes) - but of course I might be wrong.

Thank you very much for all your comments, :-D!

donnie said...

absolutely - the story of the world lies in muddy bottles

Martina said...

donnie, ... and rusty beer cans ...

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