Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"He laughs then, a queer, sad laugh"

"He laughs then, a queer, sad laugh" - Foster by Claire Keegan


Joan Elizabeth said...

I like the flip to colour here ... makes it more than just another trashed can. Lovely light and that spot of green among the brown. I very pleasing image.

Antimaus said...

I really like the green spot too :)

I'm trying to guess the brand of the can now :)


Martina said...

Joan Elizabeth, this did not work out in b/w at all - totally boring. I liked the moss - wondering how long it would take this moss to grow on a beer can ... .

Antimaus, you know what happened after reading your comment, don't you? I enlarged, I heightened the contrast, I googled and now I am 99% sure: it is a Karlsberg! :-)

kobico said...

Funny, I thought beverage cans were mostly aluminum these days.

Antimaus said...

Argh! Not my favourite! ;P


Martina said...

kobico, yes, you are right, most of them are. I am not sure why there is rust.

antimo, I do not think beer should ever come in cans, so ... naa, not my type of thing, too. Another point is that I prefer a dark beer ;-)

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