Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"That's why I tried to document the moment"

"That's why I tried to document the moment" - Crack & Shine by FFF London


Anonymous said...

I like Grafitti, this one si good.
Keep it up!:-)

JMV said...

I "take a walk" in your blog and I find unusual photos and titles that I like...:)

R.Ferrari said...

Bonito trabalho.

Sérgio Aires said...

Thank you very much for your visit and comments. I really like you blog also. I'mm come back!

Joan Elizabeth said...

This one works very well in B&W and I like the link wiht the quote.

kobico said...

Moments are fleeting, aren't they?

I might read "Crack & Shine" based on the title alone!

Julie said...

This is a wonderful portrait. I hope the graffiti is valued.

Martina said...

Serge, thank you! I'll try, ;-)

JMV, Sergio, thx for visiting and your nice comments!

R.Ferrari, muito obrigado :-)!

Joan Elizabeth, that's a problem, showing graffiti in b/w ... since this is a monochrome stencil/paper it works, I guess.

kobico, I can really recommend crack & shine - it talks about a totally different lifestyle. And even if one might not agree on every aspect of this often illegal lifestyle it gives a deep insight. And the photography is intriguing. (And it is about the 80's ;-))

Julie, I fear not. Seems like someone already tore away some paper.

Caçador said...

I'm back from travelling with no computer.

Great shot. Great work.

Martina said...

Cacador, thank you my friend. As you can see I am following the tattooed city's steps right now, ;-)

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