Monday, October 5, 2009

"Y lo que cambió ayer tendrá que cambiar mañana"

"Y lo que cambió ayer tendrá que cambiar mañana" - Todo cambia by Julio Numhauser


kobico said...

Uh oh, no entendo! Ahora lees en español?

A lot of mountain streams where I am are down to a trickle this time of year. This one looks like it would be a pleasant place to stop and listen to the water.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, Martina reads more than English books, that sent me scrambling for a translator.

I love the rocky streams that flow at the edge of high mountains but usually do a terrible job of getting photos of them ... you don't seem to have the problem.

AB said...

"no se puede entrar dos veces en el mismo río"

Martina said...

Ah no, I don't read Spanish books ... I don't know Spanish at all besides some lyrics and songs.
This post is my homage to Mercedes Sosa who died Sunday. It's a line of one of my favourite songs "Todo cambia" (youtube! ;-))

kobico, it gives you a headache ... it was reaaaalllyy loud :-D. We had not enough rain here too, I think I have seldom seen the Rhine River with so many sandbanks in the last years. But since yesterday it's raining ... .

Joan Elizabeth, thx. Let's say it was beginner's luck, my first try, ;-).

AB, huh, looking in my brain? Huh.
That's what I was thinking of!

ποταμοῖσι τοῖσιν αὐτοῖσιν ἐμβαίνουσιν ἕτερα καὶ ἕτερα ὕδατα ἐπιρρεῖ

kobico said...

Ah, I can put away my Spanish grammar book, then. Thanks for the Mercedes Sosa link! I had not heard of her, but that is probably because Vicente Fernandez and oompah music is more popular with my neighbors!

Martina said...

kobico, now this is someone I have never heard of but his wikipedia photo looks very interesting ... indeed ...

AB said...

I just read about the passing away of Mercedes Sosa in the local newspaper. It seems like the end of an era. She was such an icon for those Latin Americans fighting dictators. Now both the dictators and Mercedes herself have gone.

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