Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"He's proud, can't keep the smile from creeping in"

"He's proud, can't keep the smile from creeping in" - The Five Wounds by Kirstin Valdez Quade


Joan Elizabeth said...

Um ... I can't even see a smile today ... perhaps it's still creeping in.

Julie said...

Is is possible that an elephant has creep-mode? How would one be able to tell, do you think?

kobico said...

I like all the textures you captured, but most of all, I like the elephant's wrinkles!

AB said...

Pretty elephant. It seems like he is blowing bubbles from his trunk - nice trick.

Martina said...

This elefant is part of the Elefantenhaus ... a very interesting building. My elephant is one of many elephant tiles you can see when you click on the first photo.

Martina said...

... on any of the photos ... of course ... here is another one:


I post all this links because I simply didn't have the brains to take a photo of the house ... :-(

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