Thursday, October 15, 2009

"He tries to formulate the words to explain"

"He tries to formulate the words to explain" - The Five Wounds by Kirstin Valdez Quade


blackandwhitephotography said...

Great photo!

Markus Spring said...

Martina, it is a joy to visit this great combination of quotes and images - always astonishing to see your associations, and even more astonishing that they do trigger also my brains, especially as I have not read any of the books you quote. An outstanding combination, perfectly set up.

R.Ferrari said...

Belo trabalho em P&B.

kobico said...

Something about him looks a bit peeved, as though he's trying to tell us he's about to charge. Although I think this is one of your wall huggers from last week, so maybe he's just cold!

That is the chicken said...

Well if he formulates the words and says anything let me know! I'd love to hear a talking goat!

Paula Werner Severo said...

beautifull pix! Your blog is very nice... just added now =]

Joan Elizabeth said...

He's trying to explain very politely that he is NOT a black faced sheep.

Martina said...

Thanks for all the very nice comments, :-),

blackandwhitephotography, your gallery is really impressive, wow.

Markus, thank you, most of the times I am not so sure of my blog, so ... :-D.

R.Ferrari, muito obrigado!

kobico, yes, a wall hugger. I think he is in charge, he is the one with the big bell!

chicken, in German that would be: määäääääh!

Paula, muito obrigado, sorry, I do not know more Portuguese, ;-)

Joan Elizabeth, *bg*, I am sure I have a black faced sheep somewhere for you ... lol.

joanet said...

Nice blackandhite!
And interesting onomatopoeia: määäääääh!
In Spanish, they say: beeeeee!

AB said...

Smart necklace she has on!

Walter Neiger said...

oh, one of my lovely goats ... in combination with your selected words ... excellent.

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