Friday, December 23, 2011

"Let's go someplace else"

"Let's go someplace else" - Assimilation by Sherman Alexie


the dear Zé said...

Frohe Weihnachten liebe Martina


AB said...

Ich wünsche Dir auch Frohe Weihnacthen, lieber Mainzerin

Leovi said...

I wish you all the best during the holidays to you and those around you. Thank you very much for sharing the beauty of your photos.

Ian said...

Lovely shot :-)

Merry Xmas Martina.


Martina said...

dear Zé, muito obrigado e Boas Festas! beijos

AB, danke schön :-) - ich hoffe, auch Ihr im fernen Saarland habt ein paar schöne ruhige Feiertage!

Leovi, thank you very much, muchas gracias y Feliz Navidad!

windy, thanks. And same to you and your family, ;-).

paulboo said...

The picture is fabulous, very beautiful, why go anywhere else!? :)

Martina said...

Paul, thank you. I had to lean over the frozen mountain stream (hm, more a rivulet? to take this photo. But really? Cold. Very cold up there. And wonderful. Yes.

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