Saturday, November 26, 2011

"It makes sense to me"

"It makes sense to me" - Love Songs from a Shallow Grave by Colin Cotterill


Ron Roelandt said...

Much wood, and how many different types of wood. I like it.

AB said...

I like the red tones here

Martina said...

Ron, yes, this is one thing that always catches my eye (and my mind) in the Alps: the abundance of wood everywhere. It's not like where I am living where wood is a precious resource.

AB, yes, I think it's nice in combination with the green bench. But this stupid winter shadows, duuh... ;-)

the dear Zé said...

great colours!

Babzy.B said...

very nice compo ! :)

Martina said...

dear Zé, it's not always monochrome what I see :-)

Babzy, yes, I think so, too. At least the might open the shutters - I have seen examples with not so much sense, ;-)

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