Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Things were good this way for a long time"

"Things were good this way for a long time" - Dog Run Moon by Callan Wink


AB said...

I just love the expression!

donnie said...

...... I made sure of that :)

Joan Elizabeth said...

You have a great affinity with cows.

I think the shot above is very impressive too.

James Weekes said...

If and when you decide to start doing portraits of people, I am sure they'll be on the same high level as your wonderful animal portraits.

Martina said...

AB, yes, so quiet and content.

donnie, different cows than the Hebridean ones, hm?

Joan Elizabeth, yes, I have. Don't ask me why. I simply like cows I guess. Thank you - hm, did I ever see a cow in one of your blogs I am wondering right now ... . Thank you.

James, this made me smile. Thank you very much. Point is, animals never hesitate to sign the model release! It's so much easier!

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