Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"I don't really have better things to do"

"I don't really have better things to do" - The Dungeon Master by Sam Lipsyte


paulboo said...

That's the life for me!! :o)

the dear Zé said...

the philosopher dixit.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Yeh I feel like that today. My iPhone went crazy and mades its alarm go off an hour early ... 4:30am.

Martina said...

paul, me too me too me too me too!

Zé o Caçador, yes, a Dionysian Dog!

Joan Elizabeth, so 5.30am would be the usual time??? Uuughh ... that is definitely too early! ;-) (Perhaps that was Lady TomTom's revenge because you are neglecting her ...)

donnie said...

a super chilled dog :))

Martina said...

donnie, ah, the best of all lives!

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