Thursday, August 12, 2010

"There had to be a story"

"There had to be a story" - Lisey's Story by Stephen King


Joan Elizabeth said...

What is that up there? It looks like the kind of rickety raft people in stories use to escape across the high seas.

Lisergic Synaesthesiae said...

Weird and intriguing find.

This could be such an intense place to explore in a dream-like perception state.


Martina said...

Thanks for your comments, Joan Elizabeth and LS, :-)

This is an art installation at the Centre Pompidou ... and of course I forgot who the artist is :-( - wooden sheds have been attached to the Centre's steel tubes etc. on some more spots.

Martina said...

Not only did I find the Red Panda this morning, I also remembered that this is part of the Tadashi Kawatama Carton Workshop at the Centre Pompidou.

-me said...

Wow - that's an interesting piece of work - it looks perfect up there. . . but, I wanted to say that the photo itself is great. The balance of the light is fantastic - i wish you could have flown up next to the shack and taken a photo straight on.

you can fly, yes?

Martina said...

-me, sure I can


and ... : Thanks for your nice comment :-D

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