Thursday, August 19, 2010

"In spite of the raincoat he was soaked"

"In spite of the raincoat he was soaked" - Cuckoo in the Nest by Michelle Magorian


me said...

fisherman in the gulf of mexico, yes?

Weren't you afraid he was going to spray you with whatever he was firing into that seawall?

neat photo. . .

Unknown said...

Funny, it doesn't seem like it has holes! That's a heavy duty looking suit he has on, it makes me wonder whether the stuff is toxic or just messy.

Unknown said...

really?! goog shot

Joan Elizabeth said...

soaked in what one wonders.

Martina said...

me, afraid? Not really = tele lens, ;-)

Hellag, thx! :-)

kobico and Joan Elizabeth, I was wondering too.

He cleansed some part of the Seine embankment from graffiti tags. I think he used a high pressure cleaner with water only and the heavy duty suit is because of the fine particles of the spray paint? Since they didn't block the space up and people were sitting just some meters away I can't imagine he used some toxic liquid.

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