Saturday, April 3, 2010

"It looks as if she's been waiting there for hours"

"It looks as if she's been waiting there for hours" - Land of the Living by Sam Shepard


Joan Elizabeth said...

Happy Easter Martina. I've been busy with visitors so unable to visit for a while. I like photographs of snails but don't really care for their insatiable appetite for new seedlings.

Unknown said...

Somehow, snails look less slimy and icky in black & white. In fact, the spiral design is almost mesmerizing.

Happy Easter :)

AD said...

Lindo, Gostei :)

Clueless in Boston said...

I agree with kobico. The snail definitely looks better sans color.

AB said...

You also have animals in your garden! Perhaps, just as edible if not quite so sweet.

Martina said...

This was a really acrobatic snail but I didn't manage to get a decent photo - light was too low and hey, they can be quick.

Joan Elizabeth, kobico, CiB: Happy Easter, too! - I like to take pictures of snail shells (wikipedia article about gastropod shells is very interesting) but the rest - not so ... they really eat each and every seedling in my garden - even lilac offshoot - bah! - and no, AB, uuuuuuuuurgh, I prefer choco beetles in my garden!

Andreia Dias, lol - google translates your comment in a whole as "beautiful like me" --- so I translated the words individually. Muito obrigado :-)

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