Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Actually, I'm just glad to be alive"

"Actually, I'm just glad to be alive" - Land of the Living by Sam Shepard


Unknown said...

The combination of that quote and the barbed wire fence in the snow makes me feel cold!

Clueless in Boston said...

Appropriate for Easter Weekend:)

Martina said...

kobico, CiB: actually I wasn't thinking about cold and I wasn't thinking about Easter, too.

More in the lines of what time does to us, we get worn out, we get crooked - but we still are alive.

Usually I do not give my interpretation of the quotes and photo (often I don't have one), but it is really interesting what you see in this ... without your comments this blog would be useless, so thank you!

;-) - no, I am not in some depressive mood at all, it's just what I thought seeing this old hen house (or whatever it is): it's still standing!

the dear Zé said...

Great philosophy. And picture.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I like this ... looks like all the broken down stuff that I like to photograph, but I never had the added benefit of snow.

Martina said...

Cacador, thank you. Unfortunatley no hen for you do behold.

Joan Elizabeth, hm, I think the photo would be much better with a little bit of a low sun, shadows and some brown and green ... snow tends to make everything one-dimensional ... so I am not so sure if snow is a benefit (speaks the spring awaiting European)

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