Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Not a sound was to be heard above the traffic"

"Not a sound was to be heard above the traffic" - Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf


Sean said...

Got to say, reading back on your posts your blog has become better and better. Not to say that I did not like it before. But the posts have become more relevant, more thoughtful and more insightful. This one is no exception! Very nice!

Joan Elizabeth said...

This post got me thinking. I lived on the 30th floor in the centre of Sydney and was surprised to discover that the traffic is very quiet up higher. I also lived in on the 2nd floor near a busy road and the traffic noise was awful.

Quite apart for that useless piece of information. You have a surprising rang of photos in your catalogue.

AB said...

I wonder if there is a "do not jump" sign there.

corporate event photography singapore said...

nice shoot

Martina said...

Sean, hmm hmm hmm. Since I don't feel I am doing any different than let's say a year ago ... but of course I lack any distance to the photos and quotes. Thx for your always inspiring comments, :-)

Joan Elizabeth, I always wondered how living in a skyscraper might be. You sure don't have balconies, don't you? Can you open your windows? What are you doing if the elevators are broken? It must be very windy up there?

AB, I am sure in Germany there would be a "hardhat" sign ...

annalarssonphotography said...

I agree with Sean,
This shot is exceptional!!

It leaves me breathless.
You always made my THINK.
And I LOVE that.

I see this person.. standing on the roof.
It could have been me a couple of years ago.
Thinking about the last escape.


Martina said...

Anna, at one point in one's life most of us have been standing up there, looking down - I suppose.

This guy seemed content to me, waiting for his colleagues, looking down at all the tourists und business people down on the square, hustling here and there - and he, up there, with all the time in the world ...

Joan Elizabeth said...

Hi Martina, I don't live there anymore but here's the answers to yor questions.
You sure don't have balconies, don't you? Yes we did and with glass sides so as to not obstruct the view! People with vertigo tended to stay inside.

Can you open your windows? Yes we could open our windows, including big sliding doors to go out to the balcony and let the outside in.

It must be very windy up there?
I don't remember it being particularly windy. If it was, we'd just shut the windows :-)

What are you doing if the elevators are broken? It only happened once in the two years I lived there. There is a firewell to use. But I decided to just go to work late that day and waited for them to be fixed. There are of course multiple elevators so it has to be a big power failure of some such thing to have them all down as once.

Martina said...

Joan Elizabeth, yes, I thought there might be stairs of course, I was more thinking in the line of: coming home from work, loaded with shopping bags ... and all the elevators broken. :-).

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