Monday, July 20, 2009

"My, my. You're turning down a beer?"

"My, my. You're turning down a beer?" - The Blue Last by Martha Grimes


Anonymous said...

nice photo ;)

Anonymous said...

I always turn down beer - loathe it.

Julie said...

Lovely lovely image, Martina. The slow ease to flat is mesmerising.

Personally, I will ask for a shiraz.

Sean said...

Martina, I have only logged in for a second and am both pleased and shocked at your blog. The picture is wonderful, but the comments worry me... For me I am a beer person, a wine person or a whisky person... each has its place in this busy world. I think that you should censor comments which place a bad light on beer... please

annalarssonphotography said...

Gorgeous shot Martina!
And I can hear the voice asking that question.

I actually can in most of your work.
The image and the words together - are powerful and they ALWAYS make me want to return to your site.
Because I know that you do not create 'nonsens-shots' -
you create art!

And you always make me think and reflect.
That's why I love your work so much.

You really gave me peace with your comment of my latest doll-shot.
It warmed my heart deeply.
Thank you for being a person that SEES.

And yes.. the story is twisted and long.
I can tell you by e-mail if you want to?

The best of days to you,

Martina said...

Aileni, really? Now that is interesting - I never met a grown up who loathes beer.

Sean, we should be cool about it because so there is more beer for us :-). Btw have you ever had the chance to have a "Schwarzer Kristall", an "Appenzeller Bier"?
If not, definitely try it.

Julie, I (i.e. my stomach) have/has a problem with wine - so no wine for me, but again, that's cool with me as long as there are other nice things around.

*me drinking a Krusowice right now*

Martina said...

Anna, yes please, I would be absolutely happy about it! Don't hesitate to e-mail!

As with art, I don't know, such a noble word for my not very professional(?) ... hm ... remember about me not be able to hold a camera straight?
I was thinking about the thing I said the other day - about telling a dream to somebody - perhaps that is what we all try to do? Don't know really.
Good dreams, bad dreams, nightmares.

AB said...

Guiness? A black and white beer for a black and white photoblog?

michael bird said...

Neat. And I wouldn't be turning down such a fine looking drink.

jabblog said...

I thought it might be Guinness too - great shot!

Martina said...

No guys, I am sorry, not a Guiness. A beer in a very small microbrewery - they had only four types of beer. And I totally forgot the name of the microbrewery and of the beers ... :-(

Tash said...

Love Martha Grimes and Richard Jury. Excellent image with the quote.

Martina said...

Tash, Melrose Plant - don't forget Melrose Plant! ;)

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