Saturday, July 18, 2009

"He remembered what being alone was like"

"He remembered what being alone was like" - The Blue Last by Martha Grimes


yann said...

superbe cette image . le reflet avec laura noir et blanc ca donne une photo de malade moi je suis vendu a cette photo woo ww ;P

Julie said...

What an excellent image to pair with your quote! I had never thought of that aspect of reflections ...

Martina said...


yes, it's a lonely guy - all of his mates are on the plaza's other side.

AB said...

Reflections of reflections of reflections!

annalarssonphotography said...

Gorgeous reflections and excellent to pair with your quote like Julie said.

I write myself..
Have you some book you will recommend?

Once you asked me about my dolls..

I was terrified being around them at first.
But with my camera in my hands, I could face them and they have learned me so much about myself.
I even collect old dolls these days.

And to tell you my story.
I have to tell you theirs.


Martina said...

Anna, now that is a tough question ... something like: which book would you take to an island ... hm ... and with every stage of my life my answer would be different. Let me think about it.
The dolls, todays pic is especially creepy and something in me doesn't want to think about it any further.
I am not quite sure I got everything about the dolls - I suppose I have to read all the comments on your blog as well - unfortunately some are in a language I definitely don't understand - but I will definitely try to understand the dolls, yes.

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