Monday, March 26, 2012

"Forgive me for running off like that"

"Forgive me for running off like that" - Ever Since by Donald Antrim


-me said...

I like it - interesting framing to the landscape. . .

Was that your photo of "Earth" I saw on the 591 photoblog?

Martina said...

-me, was taken on my Sunday photo tour with the Leica - one of the better photos, ;-)

Yes, Martina is me on 591 ;-)

-me said...

Oh - I really liked that Martina photo on 591 - liked how literal you took it. You've got some great earth 'round Mainz.

This landscape almost looks like a wonderful movie screen under the bridge.

Martina said...

-me, after you mentioned the movie screen I wondered how much Carl's project might have influenced my photography last Sunday? Because, really - that's what I wanted to achieve with this photo: the movie screen phenomena, :-)

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