Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"I'm sorry this happened to you"

"I'm sorry this happened to you" - Someone by Alice McDermott


ana barata said...

Oh! :(

the dear Zé said...

great picture


einen dicken Kuss

Markus said...

Subtle - I wonder how much further you can drive this.

Markus said...

Oh, and here for the more explicit variant, color-wise hurting the eye:

Martina said...

@all - oh, I am sorry: this is simply a crack in the street's surface that has been mended last year with a little bit of asphalt and is already open again. Nothing else. Nobody harmed.

ana barata, no animals were hurt.

dear Zé, obrigado!

Markus, I fear not much. I didn't expect anyone to think of cute pink rabbits crossing the street.

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