Monday, February 20, 2012

"I learned to pick out a hydrant"

"I learned to pick out a hydrant" - Citizen Conn by Michael Chabon


helen said...

Love the brick work!

Anonymous said...

Cool shot!

Carl Weese said...

Martina, reading about hydrants I was surprised to hear about the ones where there's simply a hole in the ground and the firefighters stick an appliance down the hole to access the water. Apparently standard in Great Britain and Australia, but essentially unheard of anywhere I've been in the USA. The word "hydrant" is cast into the cover--is that the right word in German, or would this be an imported item from GB?

Martina said...

Helen, most of Mainz' historic center is like this, it's really nice, yes.

Eyeliquor, there was a reason for this one, ;-) See next. Thanks!

Carl, yesterday I went to the Rose Monday Parade and one of the first photos I took was this one. I wanted to show you how the below-ground hydrants are used. Who could have known that in the evening this phrase appeared in the short story I am reading? Hydrants are everywhere! However, they are not only used by firefighters and at construction sites but also as a water supply at parades, carnivals etc.. In this case it provides the water for a mobile public restroom, ;-).

As I understand the term hydrant was coined by an English engineer around 1800. As a term. tech. it's the same in English, French and German at least.

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