Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"I couldn't sleep that night, not a wink"

"I couldn't sleep that night, not a wink" - Los Gigantes by T. C. Boyle


James Weekes said...

We get spoiled here in a semi-tropical climate. We never have all bare trees like this, therefore they look even spookier than they are. The Grimms must have come up that road to here.

Isn't T.C. Boyle good reading?

Martina said...

I just saw on your blog you had your share of trees' photos, too. More orderly trees.
In fact the Grimms were born and lived not that far away from Mainz.

Yes, World's End is one of my favourites. But this short story is hard to quote. Which is unusual, since normally short stories are much easier to quote than novels.

luis Lapa said...


Martina said...

Luis, thanks! :-)

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