Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Molecules of an idea began coagulating"

"Molecules of an idea began coagulating" - 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs


Daniel said...

...and seem to be still flexible. Enjoyable combination of picture and quote. Thank your for the smile.

donnie said...

...into the circular linearity of indecision :))

Markus Spring said...

Similar surprise effect as you had with my "Triad": I had read the title, and only after scrolling down I could see what you had selected for it. Priceless!

And now I found out what caused the problem with yesterday's comment: Commenting only works when you allow 3rd party's comments, too. Now I enabled it, gnawing my teeth as it opposes my standpoint regarding privacy...

Martina said...

Daniel, you're welcome! btw 206 bones is all about skulls and bones and things and stuff. :-P

donnie, wow, your molecules have been at their best!

Markus, :-) - sometimes it's really fun to surprise people, ;-)

I don't get the comment issue - did something change while I was away? Everyone should be able to comment anon or with whatever his/her cup of tea is ... :-(

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