Sunday, January 8, 2012

"I could use a little help here"

"I could use a little help here" - Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson


Anonymous said...

What a moving image !

Markus said...

Taken in Stuttgart?

Joan Elizabeth said...

Ha ha, makes me think of poor bedraggled me when I fell off my new bicycle last week and sprained my ankle. I needed a little help from passers by to pick me up from the gutter. Told my sister I should have bought a trike.

Martina said...

Interesting comments - all I thought was about people being stupid leaving their trash in vineyards :-)

Robert, now that you say it ... yes.

Markus, nope. ;-)

Joan Elizabeth, lol (sorry, of course I am _not_ laughing about your sprained ankle - I do hope it's better by now) - any Bobbycars in Australia?

Martina said...



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