Friday, January 20, 2012

Gone Fishing

"I will be back around Monday 1/30" - Gone Fishing by Martina :-D


Markus said...

Wish you biiiig fish!

James Weekes said...

Have a lovely time. When you get back, let me know if you'd like a print of that sand pattern you liked on my blog. I'd be happy to send you one as it came out very nicely.

helen said...

An unusual fish shop.

AB said...

Bring back some good ones!

Martina said...

Markus, I chased them with the snowboard down the slopes but to no avail ;-)

James, thank you so much! This is so kind, you are a really nice guy, eh! I'll email.

helen, Paris ... a bar with wine and fish. Kind of.

AB, I tried ... but cold fingers ... ;-)

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