Thursday, July 28, 2011

"You don't listen to anything I try to tell you"

"You don't listen to anything I try to tell you" - Aphrodisiac by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala


Carl Weese said...

OK, you got me. I couldn't "read" the picture, didn't see that the sphinx is a fountain, until I clicked to get the little larger view. Then, a fountain from the original would have involved quite a bit of terraforming...

Cloudia said...

I like your sensibility!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral


> < } } ( ° >

< ° ) } } > <

Markus Spring said...

Martina, thanks for that wonderful laugh you gave me...
Learned yesterday that an even more euphemistic term for logorrhoe is — compulsive soliloquizing! Thanks go to M. Johnston

Markus Spring said...

@Carl: it's probably because I live with 4 women (albeit 3 younger ones) that I without a moment of thinking understood the punchline - knowing Martina's wit I almost expected that.

Martina said...

Carl, you put your finger in a wound, I am not happy with the blog's format for some months now, but haven't found the time to alter anything in the template, i.e. larger formats for the photos.

I took this fountain's photograph last year, too, sphinx, this year I took the photo because someone has put some mascara on her/his eyes. Doesn't really show in the photo, though.

Cloudia, thank you :-). I like the fish.

Markus, lol - but I have to say that this post was mostly inspired by this week's compulsive soliloquizing ... men. (Too many meetings at the office ...) .. (4? - something I missed? ;-))

Markus Spring said...

@Martina: The best of all wives + a 14 years old + the twins... makes 4 if I count correctly.

Martina said...

Markus, seems like somehow I really missed the 14 years old in the last years. Haha, that are many women in your life, indeed. Ojee. ;-)

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