Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Let's go buy you a hat"

"Let's go buy you a hat" - He Knew by Donald Antrim


paulboo said...

A hat with two little holes in needed for this cute one ^..^

Markus Spring said...

With easter already past, it becomes dangerous, with-or-without hat!

Rich Gift Of Lins said...

I'm trying to think why I started laughing out loud at this post, it's very funny but quite ridiculous. I like it!

Mariann said...

Yes, let's go.
We buy a hat for you too.
I love hats :)

the dear Zé said...

to you:


Martina said...

Thanks to all for your comments, :-).

What can I say - I was out for a photo walk the other day after work. And instead of taking meaningful thoughtful significant photos (art!) I took photos of rabbits. Small rabbits. Running rabbits. Sitting rabbits. Baby rabbits.
I really had fun, ;-).

dear Zé, lol - omg.

ana barata said...

Who said that photos of rabbits are not art photos!?

Martina said...

ana barata, of course you are right!! Thx!

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