Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"It has to be typed before it can be photographed"

"It has to be typed before it can be photographed" - Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein


Anonymous said...

outstanding !

a bit like life itself, that one has to live forward, yet understands only backwards.

daily athens

Tash said...

Superb photo. I read the book in my early 20s. It was strange and interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. But the Heinlein (already ordered) quote without your image is far less than 50% of this great combination.

AB said...

Fascinating find

Martina said...

ρομπερτ, I am still wondering about this listing ...

Tash, thank you. While reading sometimes I have a deja vu - not sure if I have read the novel some years (i.e. decades) ago - perhaps in German translation.

Markus, this was funny - I wanted to post the photo and in the novel they were talking about a kind of fax machine. btw Carl Weese recommended the novel to me some time ago.

AB, I think so too. I found it on a foot path besides the autobahn. There were some more but this was the one in the best condition.

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