Sunday, April 17, 2011

"They had friends; that was how they met"

"They had friends; that was how they met" - Goo Book by Keith Ridgway


donnie said...

opposites attract :))

Tony said...

thank you for this one who is fond of metal it seems time and weather give it a look i can only dream of...

Daniel said...

Enchanted in the meaning of "verwunschen". Nice one!

the dear Zé said...

great.... arena


Martina said...

donnie, both are ivy :-P

Tony, rust is a wonderful thing, even more in colour, I must admit. I found this "thing" some 20 years ago at a parking lot.

Daniel, yes, what you sometimes find in a boring terraced house's backyard, ;-)

dear Zé, lol - again a wonderful idea! Only - the wind blew the two gladiators away. Beijos!

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