Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"There's always something you haven't thought of"

"There's always something you haven't thought of" - Rollingwood by Ben Marcus


Mary Ann said...

What is that behind the chicken wire? I really like this one.

Martina said...

Mary Ann, in German it is called a "Bienenhotel" - a nesting aid (?) for wild bees. I put a crop on scrappress, there you can see a bee entering its new home ;-)

AB said...

The hotels in Saarland are a bit more higgledy-piggedly - Phone Cam 365: 2009-10-16.

Martina said...

AB, yes, I remember your photo quite well - the first time I ever saw this kind of hotel. Since then ... they are everywhere (even in my garden) ... . There is a crop of this photo somewhere on scrappress - with a real living bee!

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