Monday, April 25, 2011

"He never knew what to make of it, then or after"

"He never knew what to make of it, then or after" - Goo Book by Keith Ridgway


Brita said...

Love both - You cannot imagine how well this fits into my life just now.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle, called Life. Great picture !

daily athens

Tony said...

there is something about this picture that totally fits my life also...if i had to describe the day that lays ahead of me... this picture would do it...i'm so glad i went to your blog first thing this morning...thanks...

Martina said...

@all: I guess that is why I stick to this short story for so long: so many sentences with universal truth.

Brita, nice ;-). I do hope that's a positive then or after!

ρομπερτ, and scratches and marks and bruises. Thanks.

Tony, this day is over by now, I do hope you didn't get that many scratches :-) I have to thank you for your visits and comments!

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