Saturday, March 12, 2011

"I was stunned, so stunned that I couldn't move"

"I was stunned, so stunned that I couldn't move" - The Other Place by Mary Gaitskill


paulboo said...

I know that feeling well, when I open the credit card bill!!!!

Mary Ann said...

We see snails almost daily here--the rainy season will end in a few more months and when it does we won't see them as often.

Me said...


Martina said...

Paul, and then you seal your front door and go hibernating? ;-)

Mary Ann, this snail is still hibernating. It's a Helix pomatia, during estivation or hibernation this species creates a calcareous epiphragm in order to seal the opening of the shell (says wikipedia). Life span is up to 20 years. Amazing.

Me, yes, indeed.

donnie said...

snails have lots of contemplation time - i would be going round in circles :)

Martina said...

donnie, lol - me too!

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