Friday, February 18, 2011

"There are many things I remember of this time"

"There are many things I remember of this time" - Just Kids by Patti Smith


donnie said...

hauntingly beautiful :))

Carl said...

Donnie is right. These ice forms are each unique but there's a magical family resemblance: I did a series on similar ice formations some thirty years ago. I should find the 4x5 negatives and scan them. Your picture is beautifully seen.

ruimnm said...

magic frozen.

Martina said...

donnie, thx. Even more "haunting" because it had around 10°C and was more spring like in this forest.

Carl, thanks. So - when are you going to show us the scans? ;-)

ruimnm, thx for your comment.

ana barata said...

Wow! It is water frozen?

Martina said...

ana barata, yes, it's a relatively small frozen watefall (1m height approx.). Looks like a ghost to me in this photo.

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