Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"It was hot in the city, but I still wore my raincoat"

"It was hot in the city, but I still wore my raincoat" - Just Kids by Patti Smith


Tash said...

And looked quite dashing...
The line could be out of "Finding Nouf" - set in Saudi Arabia, where the main character buys a Colombo-style trench coat as he tries to solve a who-done-it.

paulboo said...

Sounds like a very English thing to do of course, a little bit eccentric like the guy Tash mentioned in that book! So appropriate that you have shot from this city to illustrate it with, I find it quirky that this lift operating man still wears the traditional uniform in this very modern building!!

Martina said...

Tash, that's sounds like a really interesting read - do you recommend it?

paul, yes, I (esp. as someone who is not used to this kind of uniforms) almost found this surreal - modern vs. old.

And of course Patti Smith wore the raincoat mostly to give herself an artistic touch. And perhaps as a kind of "protective shell" ;-)

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