Sunday, January 2, 2011

"It is hours to go before you sleep"

"It is hours to go before you sleep" - Escape from Spiderhead by George Saunders


helen said...

Another great image and quote to go with it. Happy New Year!

Lasse said...

Great picture, and the others too on your blog !
Looking forward to visit you further during 2011!

Martina said...

helen, thank you. Yesterday was the first in - I don't know - three weeks ? - for the sun to come out.

Lasse, thank you for visiting and your nice comment - I am still fascinated by all your bird photos -- I will definitely come back to your blog in the next days.

Mary Ann said...

Sunrise or sunset? I can never tell.

Martina said...

Mary Ann, sunset - sunrise is around 08:25hrs at the moment. Not a time I would be up and on the fields on a Sunday, ;-). I took this photo two days ago.

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