Thursday, December 23, 2010

"And your clothes, where are your clothes?"

"And your clothes, where are your clothes?" - Youngthing by Nuruddin Farah


Mary Ann said...

I wonder if we were all nudists, would we carve statues all dressed up?

Martina said...

Mary Ann, hm, that's an interesting thought.

Anonymous said...

What a light!

Martina said...

zArt, thank you! I did heighten up the contrast a little bit to accentuate the shadows. But - in Southern France the light is ... breathtaking, indeed.

paulboo said...

Where indeed!?
Love this picture Martina.

Martina said...

Paul, thank you. Perhaps the sculptor ran out of material?

Ohoho - bad joke, I know, ;-).

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