Friday, December 31, 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different

And Now for Something Completely Different ... no quote today. For the moment at least ;-).
I would like to thank all the readers and followers of this blog. I thank you for all your comments - comments, that made me smile, made me think, and so very often make me laugh out loud.
I also like to thank the silent visitors, who just come by, everyday or from time to time, and - hopefully - get some fun out of my postings. I know you ;-).
May 2011 be a wonderful year to all of you!
Happy New Year!
Glædig nytår!
Gott nytt år!
Feliz ano novo!
Boldog Új Évet!
Bonne année!
Feliz Año Nuevo!
Felice Anno Nuovo!
Did I forget anyone's mother tongue? I am sorry. So: Ein wunderschönes Neues Jahr 2011! ;-)


Anonymous said...

You don't have to be sorry!!!

FELIZ AÑO 2011 a ti!!!

-me said...

Love that glimpse of the clock and how (again) you use color to show me exactly what you're looking at. . . love it.

happy new year.

ana barata said...

Feliz Ano Novo Martina! For all of us!

ER said...

thank you for all the photos (love this one) and sometimes quirky and always witty quotes attached to them. ;) Your blog is a breath of fresh air, Martina. I've really missed visiting my favourites during these past six months, but look forward to returning in the new year. Here's to 2011, lass, may it bless you with all good things! :) Lizzy

paulboo said...

No quote apart from the Python one of course!
Love the picture Martina, very clever and impressive.
Hope you have a wonderful 2011, looking forward to seeing more of your stuff here.

Martina said...

Serge, since I didn't forget any of the languages you are competent in .... ;-P.

-me, thank you. I didn't do anything with the photo besides resizing. It's a handheld ISO 3200 inside a clock tower with not much light - strange colours. I like it, didn't expect it to work when I made it.

ana barata, obrigado! :-)

ER, ha, I forgot. I forgot. :-(
Here it is:
Bliadhna Mhath Ur!
Thanks so much for your kind words.

Paul, it's so much a standard saying I almost forgot. So, there _is_ a quote. Ha!
Thank you!

donnie said...

Bliadhna Mhath Ùr

(Scots Gaelic)

Hope you continue to read great books with great quotes mixed with smart and fun words and that your year is truly happy and fun :)

Martina said...

donnie, yes, I remembered after ER's comment .. humpf. Gabh mo leisgeul!
Thank you for your nice words!

the dear Zé said...

Feliz Ano Novo to you dear Martina.


Martina said...

dear Zé, thanks :-))))))).

Yannick Brohard said...

bonne année !

keep shooting !

Martina said...

Yannick, merci beaucoup. Any you too, have a wonderful 2010 and keep shooting :-)!

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